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cryo_logo.jpgCryoservice is a company founded in 1999 and engaged in the search for new technologies in the electromedical and biological field. In Italy it covers a leading position not only in selling cryomedical equipment, but primarily in setting up "service" for cryoablation surgery in HMOs.


Cryoservice draws on the medical advice and expertise of internationally renowned specialists, and cooperates with the most prestigious cryosurgery centres worldwide. The Company is also the sole agent in Italy for the American Endocare group, who are leaders in research on the use of low temperatures in medicine and biology. As a result of this experience the company has developed an excellent service, unique in Italy, i.e.:

  • It makes available cryosurgery equipment "on active service" with all auxiliary apparatus, including an ultrasound scanner fitted with a (linear or convex) biplane probe.

  • It transports the equipment, prepares it "on the spot" and runs it during surgery thanks to qualified expert technicians and in appliance of safety requirements according to law.
    Cryoservice & Medical Devices Srl - Via G. Boccaccio 31 - 34135 Trieste, Italy.


  • It supplies and transports the (argon and helium) gas necessary for the functioning of the cryosurgery equipment in appliance of safety requirements according to law. It so provides HMOs with a service that offers them the opportunity to lower their costs and optimize the employment of human resources.

  • It supports operators of each HMO with specific training by a specialist who will remain at their disposal for any further advice
  • Thanks to Endocare technology it has the availability of variably sized probes (diameter 1.7 - 2.4 - 3.8 mm) for different kinds of surgery, depending on which organ is affected and what type of tumor must be treated.
    It also has the availability of curved probes which are indispensable for CT guided operations.
    Cryosurgical treatment has a wide range of applications; it is FDA-recognised and approved both for ablation of benign and malignant tumors and for palliative operations.

  • In accordance with Quality Assurance standards it has the availability of a temperature control system with direct command of each cryoprobe, which monitors the efficiency of the freezing and thawing process. The technology that enables control over each probe is patented; it warrants optimal use of the procedure and therefore the safety of the patients undergoing treatment.
  • It puts HMOs all over the world in touch with each other so that they may exchange information or ask advice on a particular case.
    Cryoservice & Medical Devices Srl. - Via G. Boccaccio 31 - 34135 Trieste, Italy.

  • It is able to supply the new CryoGrid guiding system for use in urology, that enables the probes to be trained on the prostate gland and to be inserted with computer assistance. This system makes it possible to employ the Onik technique and so keep a distance between rectum and surgical field. It also reduces the risk of rectourethral fistulae nearly to nil even when a temperature below -50C is reached on the outside of the prostate gland closest to the intestine.

  • In compliance with common follow-up programs.it collects feedback from national and international centres which apply cryoablation. All feedback is coordinated with the intention of reviewing the method critically, so that it improves and evolves constantly, and of presenting the data in congresses, meetings and scientific papers.
    For more information please contact us by mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or by telephone (+39 040 4528125).
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