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Ultrasound-guided transperineal percutaneous technique

  • Treatment repeatability

  • Possibility to treat prostate tumors of all grades and stages

  • Definitive treatment for locally-confined tumors

  • Possibly definitive treatment even for locally advanced tumors

  • Great effectiveness for high grade tumors (Gleason 8/9/10)

  • Can be utilized when radiotherapy fails

  • Low complication rate

  • Effective obstruction removal so that no further surgery is required

  • Possible in otherwise inoperable patients

  • Debulking of voluminous and metastatic tumors with a possible effect of activating the immunity system, and consequent improvement of overall prognosis

  • Saving of welfare money since patients who would otherwise need radiotherapy can benefit from a less expensive treatment

  • Possibility of sparing patients chronic hormone treatment and therefore saving of welfare money.

  • Very short hospital stay

  • Can also be applied in "minor" ORs so that the employment of major ORs is no longer indispensable.

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